Wilma Sierra Blanca selected between the best luxury residential developers on Costa del Sol

In our mission of creating the best real estate experience, we have chosen Costa del Sol to develop our luxury residential projects.

This spectacular environment is surrounded by nature and by the beautiful Mediterranean Sea. It offers amazing views and a great temperature during the whole year, with a lot of hours of sun.


Varied services to develop residences in Costa del Sol

First of all, we are very concerned about being eco-friendly. As a luxury residential developer, it is known that our clients want to live in a sustainable and efficient house, so we care a lot about this matter.

The insulation of the buildings includes a thermal and acoustic insulation. The energy efficiency we achieve with our premium materials helps to ameliorate the use of energy needed for heating and cooling the property. For the acoustic insulation, our experts use the SISMO building technology. The result is a monolithic structure with an effective sound barrier.

SISMO construction system is a non-polluting process due to its recycled and ecological materials. The process of constructions produces just a little jobsite waste at the production and building process.


Secondly, another of our objectives is to give a personalized attention to each of our clients. Each person has different needs and preferences, so we want to give each property the personal touch so you can feel comfortable. With the new technologies in smart homes, you will be able to control easily every aspect of the house without effort.


Our process of project development in Costa del Sol

In order to control the whole project development and assure the quality of our luxury residencies, we take personal care of the process. Is really important for us not to leave the work in the hands of others, because it makes it difficult to control the project.

Because of that, we analyse the opportunities for investment and we do market researches. Later on, we do the initial strategic decision and acquire the materials and granting of licenses needed. Finally, we make the architecture of the project, the plans and execution of the construction and our marketing experts proceed with the sales of the project.

Wilma Sierra Blanca is your luxury residential developer in Costa del Sol. Our experience, quality and good results will fill your requirements. Contact us to get more information about it.