Sustainable & Efficient Construction


Sustainable thinking is embedded in our building process. As a way to a better future, we commit to energy efficient and eco-friendly building. We focus on spaces that not only stand out for their avant-garde design but also are configured efficiently.            


The keys for an efficient construction are:

Effective thermal and acoustic insulation.

Energy efficient building has become a priority in the building industry. Thermal protection in buildings directly influences the use of energy for heating and cooling, as well as the ability to control the room climate. Good insulation makes an enormous difference in cold and in hot climates.

The SISMO® building technology also guarantees efficient acoustic insulation. Building with SISMO® results in a continuous monolithic structure which forms an effective sound barrier.   


SISMO structures attain a high structural integrity. Tests and experience have shown that the strength of a SISMO structure is far greater than a comparable traditional structure. Insulated formwork improves the concrete cure quality making a SISMO structure virtually maintenance free for many years to come.

Non-polluting production process.

SISMO® construction system is produced with ecological, recycled materials, with a minimal impact on the environment. Following a non-polluting and highly efficient production process, reducing consistently jobsite waste during production as well as during building process.

Timing and cost execution saving.

The time required to realize buildings using the SISMO building technology is reduced up to 20% compared to conventional building methods, being a cost efficient construction system for all parties involved in the building process.

Certified Quality

In 2001 Sismo® was the first company in the construction sector that received the European Technical Approval (ETA 01/0001).

Over the years, several tests at universities and building authorities in different countries have proven the SISMO building technology’s exceptional capacities, in line with LEED and BREAM certificates that verify buildings sustainability aspects.